Only Time Will Tell

Here you will travel with our fabled family across time as they adapt to the ever changing flow of time.

This will be based off of the History challenge, which you can find here: The Sims 4 History Challenge.

Prehistoric | Early Civilization | Middle Ages | The Old West | The Industrial Age | The Roaring 20s | Modern Day

Equality: The Founder may be of either gender. Both boys and girls are eligible for the title of heir.
Traditional: Children who are naturally born from the previous generation are eligible to be named heir. Adopted children are ineligible to be named heir unless there are no naturally born children, at which point they become eligible for that generation.
Xenophobic: Heirs cannot be a different species from the founder

How The Heir Was Chosen

  • Prehistoric
    • Ancestor – Default
    • Heir – First Born
  • Early Civilization
    • First Born Male
  • Middle Ages
    • First Born Male
  • The Old West
    • Middle Female
  • The Industrial Age
    • First Born
  • The Roaring 20s
    • First Born Female
  • The Modern Day
    • Middle Child


After Prehistoric Era

Below is a quick summary of our main characters lives after that fateful night. Some backstories may contain sensitive topics, so please read on with care. If you’re interested in any one else (or questions about what is here), let me know and I will add it.

Dana and Arya: After much coaxing by Arya, they both traveled south with their People. They both became leading figures among their People, making most of the major decisions and defering to the Elders when necessary. Dana passed to the after world five winters before Arya.
Children: 3 boys (Kain, Luca, Argus), 2 girls (Ava, Sparrow)

Kain: Kain did not survive the poisoning despite Arya’s best efforts. Once his soul floated free, he was reunited with Averie before continuing on to the afterworld.
Children: 2 Females (Una, Fawna)

Liana: Liana fought for her life for over a moon due to an infection that spread across her face from the burn. Thanks to Arya’s knowledge of plants, she was able to minimize the scarring and close the wound, but still carries many from that day. She went on to be a widely renown seer and healer.
Children: 1 Female (Fawna)

Mayliah: After the fight with Liana, Mayliah ran and never looked back for fear she would get caught. She traveled 4 moons away, to the west, where she came across a small village and quickly ensnared a young chiefs son. However, as soon as her child was born (Kain’s child), she snuck off into the night, leaving the child behind. She was never seen again.
Children: 1 Female (Una)

Luca: Luca traveled south for 2 moons before the harsh winter set it. He traveled to south for a total of six moons before finding a suitable place. However, he soon discovered other People lived there. He quickly fell for a young woman there, convinced her father to allow a bonding to occur, and left for home without her to lead his People south.
Children: 1 Boy (Wind Runner)

Ava and Adan: Both traveled south with their people. Ava quickly picked up a love for woodworking and studied with the neighboring People’s craftsmen. Adan became a renown tracker, and was the most skilled when it came to animals and their behavior. Ava died giving birth to her twins, Tana and Thorn, leaving Adan to raise them with Liana’s help.
Children: 2 Girls (Cypress, Tana) and 1 Boy (Thorn)

Argus and Mahla: Both attempted to travel south with their People. However, Mahala had difficulty birthing their child. She safely delivered the child, but was very weak. They both remained behind and promised to travel south as soon as she recovered. They were never seen again.
Children: 1 Boy (Salamander)

Sparrow: Sparrow followed in her fathers footsteps by becoming a scout for war parties. On one war walk, she was captured by the enemy People and given to an older warrior as a gift. She was raped and beaten repeatedly. One beating resulted in the miscarriage. She was soon cast off to the warriors nephew, Buckthorn, who treated her as a human instead of a dog. Upon her rescue, she begged Dana to spare Buckthorn’s life. It was spared, however he was not allowed to return with her to raise their child. Sparrow never settled down and her daughter was mostly raised by Liana and Adan.
Children: 1 Girl (Raven)



Present Day

“I think it’s time you went off to bed now, child.”
“What?!” The child screeched and jumped to a stand position. “You can’t end it there! I must know what happened.”
The elder eyed her skeptically. “This part of the tale is boring though. They move, they build a new life, and then die. That’s all. Nothing interesting happens.”
“But I must know what happened to Liana and Kain. And Mayliah! That…snake! She surely died for that.”
“No, she did not.”
The child’s mouth fell open and the elder chuckled. “Oh, alright. But I’ll skip many years into the future so I don’t keep you up to late. Your mother would be furious with me.”

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Prehistoric Era

The land was flooded with smells of late spring and Father Sun’s loving warmth. Liana took a deep breath as her hand lovingly trailed across the plants that had been, ever so gently, relocated to their new home. Averie had been able to travel with them since her spirit was in the plants, even though her body remained behind.


“It has been many years since I’ve felt you, Averie. I hope you were able to finally move on when Dana left this world. Arya missed him greatly, so I hope you are sharing him with her in the afterlife.”

Liana smiled and closed her eyes. The orange coloring had returned the first spring after they arrived. Luca chose the place well, although they all believed a dark-skinned beauty had more to do with it than the location.

Relationships with the local People had been strained at first, but in time they all grew to know each other. Mingling of the two Peoples had begun several summers ago.


“Elder Liana, mother sent me to fetch you. The baby is coming!”
Liana gazed at her great-granddaughter. A toothless smile spread slowly across her face. “Very well, run ahead and have your Aunt prepare. I’ll be there as soon as my old legs get me there.”
The child sped off, legs pumping as she giggled and squealed her delight. Liana had lost count of how many children there were in the family now, both blood and fostered, but it warmed her heart greatly when she caught glimpses of dead loved ones in their beautiful little bodies.


She groaned as the pain in her stomach staggered her. She halted, leaning heavily against a tree until the pain passed.
‘Just a while longer.’ She promised her old and battered body. ‘I know I haven’t been easy on you over the years, but I promise we’ll rest soon.’

<< Chapter 01.26Early Civilization >>


Chapter 01.26

Kain’s stomach grumbled angrily when he got close enough to smell the food cooking inside the cave. At least one good thing would happen today. His entire day was one horrible experience after another. The plants he used to make most of his paints had been dried husks, not surviving the harsh winter any better than humans did. His traps were all looted by other animals or contained dead animals. They appeared to have died violently, but as to how he was unsure.


He sighed and pushed the hide back to enter the cave, letting it slap the walls as it fell back into place. Mayliah grinned as he entered. That grin had once brought a shiver to a place other than his soul once, a more pleasurable place. Now it had an almost feral look to it.
“The stew is almost done!” She announced happily. “I’m sure you’re hungry after being out all day.”

He walked as calmly as he could over to the fire and glanced inside, inhaling deeply again. “It smells wonderful, Mayliah. Where did you find rabbit? We haven’t trapped one since last summer.” ‘Alive, that is. There were three dead in my traps today.’
“I got lucky and saw the pest trying to eat Arya’s plants. It didn’t even know I was there.” She smiled seductively, “Come and sit. It will be ready soon.”


He rounded the fire and sat on one of the cushions the girls had brought with them when they moved here. A smart invention that had become very popular among his people.
“Liana?” He said cautiously, “Are you alright? You don’t look very well.”
She smiled faintly, her body taunt and skin pale. “I think I may have the spring sickness. Everyone gets it, I’m sure it will pass.”

“Well, make sure you eat plenty of your cousins stew, keep your strength.”
Was it his imagination, or did the icy glint in Mayliah‘s eyes bode trouble. She couldn’t possibly know of the pregnancy yet, Liana wasn’t even sure herself.
“I’m not sure I can right now, but I will later.”


Mayliah stood, her fists clenched angrily. “He told you to eat, so you will do as you’re told!”
Mayliah. I said for her to eat, but not when. If she can’t keep food down right now, why waste it by forcing her to eat. You will also be responsible for cleaning it up since Liana is in no shape to do so herself. I don’t want you to have to do that.”
Mayliah grumbled as she scooped up a bowl and began wiping it out. When she finished, she spooned out a healthy portion of meat, vegetables and broth into the bowl and handed it to Kain. “I need to relieve myself first, then I’ll be back to enjoy this wonderful meal with you.”

Something was wrong. She could feel it in her souls, but couldn’t place it. Maybe it was nothing but her own fears plaguing her. Women that were expecting did seem to become more emotional than others. Could it be happening so soon for her? The Great Mother knows she’s been sick enough most mornings to believe it.


She sniffed and gagged, fighting down the bile as it struggled upwards. What was that awful smell? Maybe it’s just me. She thought as she quietly listened to Kain’s breathing, ‘Kain seems to be fine except his normal tension around Mayliah now.’

But the sensation still lingered. It was more than a bad smell. Her nose was running, and her throat itched a little. ‘Maybe I actually have the spring sickness…’ She froze as a thought formed. ‘She wouldn’t…’
As quickly as possible she stilled her breathing, trying to focus on the sounds around her. “Kain,” she whispered after a moment, “is fireleaf still in its place?”
“Kain!” She whispered, frightened now. She could hear his labored breathing from across the fire.

Snake. Poison. She should have known, but she just spoke with Averie in her dreams today. How could it be so soon!
She stilled her motions when she heard Mayliah approached, feigning ignorance. Her cousin probably didn’t realize her hearing was much better now that her eyes were gone…or so she hoped.


Mayliah sighed as she knelt next to Kain. Her voice was muffled. ‘Her back is to me.’
“Oh Kain, you shouldn’t eat so much so fast. It has made you as sick as Liana. We can’t have that now can we.”

Liana heard furs moving across the cold stone floor as Mayliah began to drag Kain away from the fire, cooing softly like he was a child. Liana’s fingers fumbled near the fire, searching in vain for a weapon that wasn’t on fire.
Mayliah‘s soft footsteps approached. Liana lunged to the side, falling hard on her arm.
“Oh, my cousin. Dear, beloved, cousin. Did you think I wouldn’t find out about you and him?”


Liana tried to scramble away, her heart pounding in her chest. Mayliah grabbed her foot and dragged her back, laughing. “I took care of you! And this is how you repay me?”
“Mayliah! What about Uncles pl-”
She twisted in attempt to protect her stomach, so the blow landed on her side. She cried out at both the searing pain in her side and at the red-hot stone that touched her face as she rolled over.
Her head snapped up as Mayliah grabbed a handful of her hair and yanked upwards. “Don’t worry, cousin. You’ll repay me by making me the hero who killed Kain’s murderer.”


The skin on her throat stung as the sharp blade skimmed her neck, drawing a thin line of blood. Her stomach lurched, bringing with it the reminder of what she would lose along with her life. With as much force as she could gather she pitched herself backwards, taking Mayliah by surprise and bringing them both to the ground.
She heard the knife scrape the ground as it slid away from them. Ignoring the pain in her head, shoulder and side, she crawled on hands and knees towards the fire. She screamed when the burning log scorched her flesh as she drew it from the fire and swung to where Mayliah lay panting.
The squeal of terror told her she missed her target, but the smell of burning hair told her she got close enough. Mayliah screeched and she beat at her skull, trying to put her hair out. Liana swung again and missed.


Mayliah’s cries followed her out of the cave as Liana crumpled to the ground next to Kain and wept.

Dana is 35 | Averie is 18 | Arya is 33 | Argus/Ava are 16 | Kain/Luca are 16 | Sparrow is 14 | Liana is 15 | Mayliah is 17

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Chapter 01.25

Wake up, Liana.. 


The mist swirled around Liana’s feet as she came to a halt, her hair blowing gently across her face. She turned slightly, glancing behind her, but was met with only the swirling mist. Slowly, she turned and began forward again.

The land in front of her was breathtaking. The grass was lush, green, and swayed gently in the breeze. The trees were old, strong, reaching far into the sky. Father Sun beat down through their leaves, warming her skin as she closed her eyes and smiled.

Liana. You must wake up!

She frowned, refusing to look behind her again at the ever swirling mist. But as it began swirling around her legs, she ran. She flew as quickly as her feet would carry her, away from the every swirling mist that always tried to swallow her here. After a time she stopped, panting hard and clenching her sides as she tried to catch her breath. She had run all the way to the forest edge, which meant the mist would soon envelope her as it always did.



She almost cried out as a soft touch whispered across her right hand. She wrenched it in the opposite direction quickly, stumbling backwards as she did, hand reaching up to stop the cry that desperately tried to pass her lips.
“Please, just leave me in peace. Why must you always torment me!”

Oh, Liana. My wish is not to torment you, but to warn you.

The woman was tall. Her skin was lightly golden, hair the color of ripe wheat. She smiled sadly as she drifted in front of Liana.
‘Curious, she looks more solid than the other spirits here.’ She thought a moment before addressing the spirit. “And I suppose this warning you have will be for your kin in the realm of the living, just as every other spirit? You realize your kin has probably passed from that world just as you have.”

Eventually, my kin will pass as all do, but for now they are among the living.

“And how do you know this? No spirit can leave this place.”
Yes, that is true. But on certain days, when the two worlds are close together, and the bond is alive and strong, we can walk in this world and see the living.


Liana cocked her head, staring suspiciously at the spirit now. Who was she? Most spirits were emotionally locked in their final moments, eternally. If the living knew what kind of torment these poor spirits were experiencing, they might think twice before harming another person.
“Who are you?”

The spirits face brightened slightly as she chuckled and drifted off to one side, forcing Liana to turn slightly back towards the mist.
It’s good to know my sons received their fathers handsome features and not my female beauty. But I can see why one is so attracted to you. Did you know that hair the color of fire is considered a sign of favor among the earthly spirits?

Liana blinked, her mind refusing to believe what the spirit was saying.
“But fire destroys. How can it be lucky?”
But fire cleanses, and if you follow its seemingly destructive path, you will see Mother Earth reborn.


Lianas mouth began to water, jaw tingling as her unconscious mind reacted to the smell of food. The land began to fade, the mist consuming everything around her.
“What message would you have me give your son, Averie?”

Averie crossed her arms, the smile falling as she focused her attention on Liana’s fading form.


Not my son, you. The snake grows angry and threatens to lash out. I cannot say when, time is not always reliable here. Stay vigilant, my daughter. The life that grows ever stronger in your womb depends on it

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Her eyes remained closed, but her stomach tried to revolt. What was sure to be a delicious aroma normally, made her disturbingly sick. It took everything in her to fight it down. If Averie knew, then it was something she couldn’t ignore any longer. Soon, sooner than she would like, Mayliah would find out.

Her sightless eyes opened and stared vacantly as the blue and white continued to crackle. The spirit world here was still dying. A clever and deadly trap Father Sun was setting for the land of the living. She sniffed again, turning her head towards the crackling of the fire where the stew was beginning to boil.
“Did everyone venture outside today?” Her skin prickled as she heard a sharp intake of breath and the crunching of leaves.

“Nice of you to wake up. If you’re not careful, Liana, your laziness will anger his family and they will throw you out against my advice.”
“I’m sorry cousin. I haven’t been feeling like myself lately.”
Mayliah snorted her irritation before stirring the stew. “had to make the meal for today. It should be done soon, but Kain will be the only one returning for it. The others have gone hunting. Mahala and Argus are visiting relatives., they won’t be back for a few days.”


Liana frowned as she sat up. “Is that wise? The weather could turn at any moment this early in spring.”
Mayliah scoffed and threw the stick she used to stir down. “I don’t know. It’s not up to me to make that decision. If they want to risk it then so be it.”
“The food smells delicious. What’s in it?”
“The same as the last time, but with rabbit meat instead of deer meat.”
Liana nodded, “That’s Kain’s favorite. He’ll appreciate that you remembered and made it for him.”

Mayliah just grunted in response and watched with icy daggers as Liana fumbled her way to the fire. The family always kept a pot of tea next to it. It was cold now, they had been gone for a while if it was allowed to cool.


Averie’s warning sounded in her soul as she drank the cold tea and shivered.

Dana is 35 | Averie is 18 | Arya is 33 | Argus/Ava are 16 | Kain/Luca are 16 | Sparrow is 14 | Liana is 15 | Mayliah is 17

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Chapter 01.24

Father Sun was late returning to full strength, a bad sign. Winter had been hard, most of what they had stored was depleted. If things didn’t thaw out soon there would be trouble.

News traveled slowly, only when the weather permitted and only among their own people.
Two of the babies born that summer perished, their mother’s milk dried up when the food ran scarce. No one else could spare any of their own, so the children wasted away slowly. Wolfs Teeth and Rain, both elderly, also died. They went peacefully in their sleep, the cold sapping the life-giving heat from their old, frail bodies.
To everyone’s horror, Zara and Odin also died in one of the many blizzards that raged through the area. They had been caught outside on their way to the next merged group, to pass along information and give help if needed. Their bodies were only recently found now that the worst of the cold was behind them, clinging tightly to each other to share warmth.


The fire popped faintly somewhere in front of her, its heat so weak it barely chased away the cold. Liana shivered at a single thought. Zara had been so persistent that summer, urging her to learn as much as possible, pushing her to exhaustion. It was as if she knew she would never leave their ancestors home.


Even after all of that training and teaching, Liana hadn’t been prepared for this winter. Her vision had changed from orange to a dark, stormy blue, with white spots dotted many times over that seemed to crackle like a dead leaf. That startled her most, learning her eyes could almost see a sound her ears weren’t hearing. She desperately wished she could ask Zara what it meant. It was as if the world of the Spirits was dying alongside her own.

Luca, Argus, and Dana had gone out at dawn to see what meat could be found. Sparrow and Arya left to see if any plants had begun to grow again. All agreed to be back well before Father Sun set, and at any sight of clouds to rush back. Kain had slipped out some time ago, she wasn’t quite sure exactly when that was. She still had trouble keeping tack of the different sounds and focusing only on certain ones. The others, she knew, were in roughly constructed huts to gain a little privacy before they, too, would return to the cave for the night.

That left only Mayliah.


Liana’s ears strained to hear anything at all from her. Her heart beat heavily in her chest, she hated when she lost track of Mayliah. She almost screamed when her voice came from right beside her. She strangled it before it crossed her lips.
“Arya wants me to help you prepare the stew for tonight since she’s not here.” The disdain dripped from her voice. “So, hurry and tell me what to put in before the water begins to boil.”
Liana placed a hand on her chest, breathing hard but trying to calm herself. “Sage, Basil, onion-” She listed off things and heard resounding plunks as Mayliah tossed them in the simmering water.
“What about this one? It’s a green leaf with purple in the cente-” She began reaching for it.
“No!” Liana lashed out, accidentaly slapping Mayliah in her haste. “That’s poison fireleaf. Kain uses it for his paintings. If you touch it, your skin will feel like fire. If you eat it…they say the pain is like nothing you can imagine. Most people die if they ingest to much.”


All was quiet for some time. The hair on Liana’s neck prickled as the silence dragged out, but she heard nothing to indicate Mayliah had moved towards it.
“Very well. I’ll even forgive you for hitting me since you saved me a lot of pain.”

Father Sun beat down on the top of his head. The feeling brought hope to his soul, until he closed his eyes and realized how weak that warmth really was.

Kain sighed and flipped another stone over that lay hidden among the tangled leaves of struggling plants. The moss he searched for was only found in this area and only in this awkward stage between winter and spring. The moss would stain his fingers for a while, but he was glad to have an excuse to leave the cave. Mayliah was acting strange. At first he assumed it was just resentment at being cooped up with the rest of the family, but as the winter dragged on she even turned that anger towards him. Arya thinks she’s with child, but how can that be when she takes those herbs to prevent it. As much as that made him look bad, Mayliah was the last woman he wanted to have carrying his child. But her touch made him melt and he couldn’t seem to stay away from her.


Kain stashed another clump of moss in his bag before standing to stretch. The thought of Mayliah being with child was terrifying, but the thought of Liana being with child as well…it made his souls shiver violently. They had been caught outside in the same storm that had killed Zara and Odin, but managed to squeeze into a small, abandoned animal den. In that close space, with their bodies pressing together for warmth, it was to much to resist.

He couldn’t understand why the herbs chose now to fail. Why not in the summer when a story could have been created for Liana’s swollen belly that would have diverted Mayliah’s rage. If that would have even worked. Mayliah was to clever for her own good sometimes.


‘Great Mother. I don’t know why you’re doing this, but I will take the responsibility for my actions. Liana doesn’t need to suffer any more than she already has for me.’

Dana is 35 | Averie is 18 | Arya is 33 | Argus/Ava are 16 | Kain/Luca are 16 | Sparrow is 14 | Liana is 15 | Mayliah is 17

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Chapter 01.23


“What do you mean ‘It’s too late?'” Elder Two Stones screeched angrily. “Just last season you were assuring us we had a little time to discuss the matter.”
“Yes, but I encouraged you to hurry because we didn’t know exactly when it would happen.”
“It sounds to me like you have no idea what’s happening. For all we know, this ‘vision’ is just some story you two constructed to help your view on things. What evidence do we have that she isn’t lying, hm?” She turned a scrutinizing eye towards Liana. “She may be doing as you say just so she isn’t sent away for being completely useless now.”

“Kain, you must understand our dilemma here.” Elder Tohl said gently. “Most of us have had a bountiful harvest, the best any have seen in a long time. The weather has been agreeable, people are even healthier. More babies have been born living and their mothers survive. You must agree this seems to be a sign of our growing favor.”
“From The Mother, not Father Sun.” Zara corrected. “Father Sun just does what he can to make The Mother happy. Everyone has their limits, though, even Him.”
Hurmph. I don’t see Father Sun turning on us against The Mothers wishes.” Two Stones crossed her arms.


“But during the cold season, The Mother turns away from Father Sun. We all know the Legends. To punish him for his coupling with Sister Moon and throwing the land out if balance, The Mother turns her love from him. He is so distraught that he weeps and grows dim until she embraces him again. What if he has finally grown tired of this punishment?”
“Could you stay angry at The Mother, Zara? No, she is the reason we all live and thrive! Her love gives us strength! Father Sun could no more scorn her than we could.”


Kain shook his head. “Who can truly understand them. We-” he nodded at Liana and Zara, “-are simply trying to listen and learn what our future may hold.”
“The Mushroom Spirit is closest to The Mother. If He allowed me to see this vision, then they all must be worried about something serious.” Liana swung her head back and forth, trying to meet the gazes she could no longer see. “Do we really throw this information away?”
“But this information came to late.”
“Which may mean that the situation is becoming more serious than They thought.” Thol bowed his head, eyes closed. “I cannot vote that we leave, not yet. But I can agree to caution. We dry and smoke more of our catch and harvest this year. Maybe bring our people into larger groups for more body heat and attention.”


The others nodded in agreement, enough so that Two Stones relented and agreed to caution. They all filed out, the hum of conversation everywhere. Kain, Zara, and Liana remained.

“You’ve been slacking in your paintings, Kain. Maybe you should go attend to that for a while. I need to look at Lianas new situation anyway, help her if I need to.”
Kain simply nodded and left, the council session weighing heavily on his mind. Once out of earshot, Zara turned to Liana.


“Please don’t ask me to tell you.” She whispered, her head drooping between her shoulders.
“You need to tell someone or it will eat up your souls. You can trust that I will not act on anything you tell me. I know some things can’t be made common knowledge. Come, sit, we have much to discuss, I think.”
Liana sniffed, rubbing her eyes. It was true, she could already feel her souls wilting from the burden. “I didn’t see just one vision, I saw two.”

The fire cracked and popped happily as Kain fed a few more branches to it. He warmed his hands a bit, rubbing them together slowly as she looked around the cave.
He was almost to big to fit through the tiny gap leading into the cave, but he managed. It was the same as he left it as a child. Bowls of long dried paint littered the floor. The extra scraps of hide he had brought showed signs of various rodents gnawing away at them. Several of his abandoned paintings also showed signs of the rodents presence. This room held his childhood, and he realized it wasn’t much of a childhood at all.


“Kain?” The voice was coming faintly through the cave entrance. “Kain, I don’t mean to bother you, but Zara said you might be here. May I come in?”
Never a moment of solitude anymore. He enjoyed the ensuing silence for a few more heartbeats before calling his reply. “If you can fit, Mahala. And I’m sure if I can, then you can as well.”

He heard the rustling and scratching of her hide as it scraped the sides of the cave. She stumbled as she forced her way through the last part. She looked around as she approached the fire. “It’s been a long time since I was here last.” She grinned sheepishly. “Back when I had eyes for you and not Argus.”
“I’m glad you grew out of it. Argus is good for you, I don’t think our souls would have got along after living together.”
“Mmhm.” She stood before the fire, rubbing her arms as the cold that lived in the cave walls began to seep into her exposed skin.

Kain waited patiently, taking a scrap of leather to wipe out the old bowls to pass the time.
“I’m scared, Kain. Is-is what they are saying true? That our days here are at an end?”
“Yes. Liana was granted a vision from Mushroom Spirit. We need to be vigulent against the cold this time or it will sneak up on us and claim us before we have a chance to leave.” After a few heartbeats of silence. “What’s wrong, Mahala?”


She glanced at him, tears were running down her cheeks. “I’m with child.”
Kain beamed at her. “Why are you crying, that’s wonderful news!”
“Yes, Argus is excited as well…but Kain, that’s why I’m scared. If it’s true that we’ll be leaving soon, then it will be around the time the child is due.”
“There’s nothing to worry about. You’ll have expierenced woman from several different People around you by then.”
“My mother had trouble with seed taking hold in her womb, and when it did…she had take it easy every day or she would lose it. What if the travel is to much strain for the baby?”
“Then it just wasn’t meant to be and the child will spend eternity with Sister Moon to be her helper, as all lost children do.”

The bowl clattered to the ground as she rushed to embrace him. She clung to tightly that Kain fought for breath. Slowly, he detangled her arms and settled his around her. “I don’t think I can risk the baby. I don’t think, when the time comes, that I can convince myself to go.”
“And that will be your choice.” Kain said sadly as he stroked her hair.
She pushed him away so suddenly he staggered. “But Argus will be obligated to stay with me! And I know he believes with all of his souls that what Liana is seeing is the truth.”
“And that will be his choice as well.”
“How can I do that to him? Even if Liana is wrong, and we survive and Father Sun doesn’t turn away from us…he will hate me for making him stay.”


Kain gently grabbed her shoulders, making her face him. “Do you trust Argus.”
“Then you know what choice you have to make, and believe it will work out how you wish in the end.”

Dana is 34 | Averie is 18 | Arya is 32 | Argus/Ava are 15 | Kain/Luca are 15 | Sparrow is 13 | Liana is 14 | Mayliah is 16

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Chapter 01.22



This is completely unfair! Mayliah spit the phrase like venom in her mind. I never have to do such menial things when Kain is here. She grabbed a plant by the stem and yanked, pulling out roots and all. Maybe they’ll think twice before they command me to do this again.

Dana and Arya woke her at dawn, demanding she pull her own weight while Kain and Liana were gone. And now that idiot Luca was trailing her like a shadow, watching, always watching. It’s not like she was bedding with another man, she wasn’t simple enough not to know what a disaster that would be. To many people loved Kain, to many people would be against her after that.

She stripped the plant of its bounty before tossing it to the side, smiling. Dana would be furious about this. His precious first partner planted this garden, was even buried under here somewhere. She didn’t understand his obsession with the woman. After all she died in childbirth, so she wasn’t even that strong even if she was pretty.


And that is what makes me better than her, than all of them. Much more beautiful and not putting myself at risk with that children nonsense! She glared at Luca as his head turned her way. I’ll have to remedy that if I don’t get a sign soon. Maybe I’ll allow Liana this one gift. The child will probably die anyway, she can hardly take care of herself let alone a screaming infant. She grinned and stripped another plant, leaving this one on the ground. If not, well, many accidents befall babies.

She prided herself on learning the combination of herbs to keep a mans seed from sticking in her. And because of that knowledge, her other skill had been able to flourish and thrive. Work, struggle, those were things foreign to her. Men, and even a few woman, jumped at the chance to please and provide for her. And it was all just for the chance to couple with her, she was just that good at it.


All except this insufferable family. They all kept their distance, like she had a sickness they would catch just by contact with her. No matter. She had the most important one wrapped around her finger.

She smirked as she picked up the full basket next to her and headed off to find Arya, trampling a few plants for good measure.

Luca sat in the cool shade of one if his mothers apple trees. Mayliah had sauntered off earlier, and was now under the watchful eye of Arya.


A faint, cooling breeze washed over his heated skin. He closed his eyes, savoring the feeling. This year the summer proved to be grueling. He was use to a cooler summer, one that still left the rivers and lakes cold enough to rob the body of its heat. He had been further south once before, but always in the colder season.
“Did she do her job?”

Luca cracked an eye and peered at his father. It still gave him an odd feeling to see this man before him and not the one he grew up with.
“Yes but badly. Mothers spirit will haunt her dreams tonight if she really is around. she destroyed several plants in the process and took much longer than she should have.”

Luca could feel Danas body tense in anger, but none could be heard in his voice. “I just don’t understand why he pushed us to that union.”
“Well, she is beautiful. What man wouldn’t want a beautiful woman to share his furs.”
“I didn’t think he was fool enough to let his organ overrule his good sense.”
Luca laughed. “Maybe it’s the twin power, but I seem to understand him better than a man who raised him. Kain wanted the union for Liana, although he won’t let anyone know that.”


Dana grunted as he understood. “And he couldn’t just ask for Liana without insulting Mayliah and her family.”
Luca tilted his head in acknowledgement. “You feel the evil from her too. That’s why you asked us to always watch her.”
“Yes. I think she has plans for Kain, and I can’t be sure her father isn’t in on it as well.” He squatted next to Luca, fingers trailing in the dirt and fingering the nearby plants lovingly.
“Was she such a woman, my mother, that even now you mourn her? Most men can move on with only a small sadness attached to a simple memory. Some not even that.”

Dana let the silence settle around them. He fingered another plant, smiling at some distant memory Luca couldn’t touch. “She hated me at first. Me, her family, her friends. She blamed all of us for her fate. She thought she deserved better, that they betrayed her trust. But she grew up like Mayliah and Liana, in a male dominated society. So she did as she was told and came home with me.”
His smile was sad, so Luca didn’t press him to continue. In time, in a voice almost as distant as his memory, Dana continued. “She was my opposite. I was hot-headed and emotional, she was calm and passionate…you know I almost killed a man over a woman once, and in the process struck the woman. It was unforgivable, but most forgave me. Even the woman forgave me. That’s the reason I met Averie, they sent me away until I could learn to control myself. I don’t think I ever learned that, but Averie helped control it.”

“And Arya willingly became a second partner to a dead woman?”

Danas sad smiled transformed into a grin. “That woman has always been after me. Tried to make me jealous once…didn’t turn out so well.” He winked at Luca before turning towards the cave he shared with Arya. “I love Arya in a different way, she knows this. She kept me here when I would have followed your mother.”

Luca shrugged before standing, brushing the dirt that had stuck to his sweat covered body. “You’re lucky then. The woman I meet are taken or are like Mayliah. Most often I find more of Mayliah.”

They stood in silence as Father sun sank lower in the sky. Each man lost in his own thoughts.
“I plan to go south as soon as Kain returns. Who knows, maybe I’ll find a woman of worth down there.”



Dana laughed, clapping him on the shoulder. “Don’t tell Sparrow that. She’s likely to run away with you to find her own man down there.”

Dana is 34 | Averie is 18 | Arya is 32 | Argus/Ava are 15 | Kain/Luca are 15 | Sparrow is 13 | Liana is 14 | Mayliah is 16

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